Raison d’être


I’m a fella that likes to eat and drink well, unfortunately I’m not blessed with huge amounts of cash to do this in any great style. Luckily, I live in a place where it’s just as easy to eat well with little money as it is to eat well with bags of cash.

I stayed in Lisbon in August 2012 (after having lived there between 1999 and 2004) and decided to write a blog for my own amusement (http://daveinmadridandlisbon.wordpress.com)..taking photos of what I ate and making a note of how much it cost, as well as pictures of anything of interest along the way.

I’m home in Madrid now and thought I might do something similar but with more emphasis on cafés and bars, as I don’t get the chance to eat out so much, what with the work thing . Maybe it’ll be useful to folk visiting Madrid …who like to eat and aren’t keen on spending too much cash.

I don’t think I’ll be posting as rigorously as I did with my Lisbon blog, again…due to the curse of the working classes…work


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