Bacalhau à Braga

bacalhau à braga (1 of 4)Strictly speaking this should have it’s own name because it’s not exactly exactly Bacalhau à Braga, but I figured the Portuguese wouldn’t thank me for yet another saltcod dish in the lexicon…and it’s close enough. It’s also very easy and not labour intensive at all

There’s 3 stages to the dish. Sauce/Spuds/Fish. The sauce is the one you’ll want to start first.

Slice 3 onions and bung in pot with plenty of olive oil. Salt. A sliced red pepper, a sliced green pepper. Lid on and cook slowly until the onions and peppers are soft. A couple of teeth of garlic. A bay leaf or two.A dash of white wine or cider vinegar. I put some honey in there too. I also added some fresh oregano from my garden (well, balcony) and a dash of piripiri. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, or chop a mature tomato or two. Cook down a bit and then cover and leave with lid on.

Slice some spuds. Stick them in abundant vegetable oil on a medium heat. When the spuds are soft in middle, turn up the heat.

Boil some water in pan. Take off the heat and put your bacalhau loins in the water for a bit. Dry the cod with kitchen paper. Salt & pepper. Fry the fish in olive oil with a bay leave and some garlic.

bacalhau à braga (2 of 4)Serve. Sauce over the fish

bacalhau à braga (4 of 4)Job done! é do caralho

Bom apetite

La Dominga

ladominga (6 of 6)I found myself wandering around Malasaña on a Wednesday afternoon and the window of lunching opportunity was about to close so I picked La Dominga almost at random. What I liked was that there was a choice of two first courses and two main courses, so I’m less likely to be racked by regret and the feeling I’ve made a terrible error.

ladominga (4 of 6)1st course: cream of beetroot,carrot and leek soup with a touch of goat cheese or prawn gyosas served on aubergines done in spicy honey

2nd course: beef stew with tomato and rice or crunchy fishburger with provenzal style chips.

ladominga (1 of 6)I asked for the prawn gyozas and told them to make them blurry.

Nice. I’d only ever had gyozas fried before, but these were boiled. Nice. The aubergines weren’t particularly spicy or honey-y but nice all the same.

ladominga (2 of 6)Crunchy fish burger for main course. Nice and crunchy. Looks like in Provençal they put some chopped parsley on their chips.

I had cuajada (milk curd) with honey for pudding. Didn’t take a photo, it’s only a dessert. Not worth my time.

ladominga (3 of 6)The food was good and not too much of it and it’s a nice enough place (quite dark, so ideal for dates if you’re ugly) but there is a caveat. Instead of the traditional jug/bottle/carafe of wine they just give you a glass, and it’s impossible to make one glass of wine last 3 courses and the waiting time between ordering and the courses…well, maybe not impossible per se, but not very enjoyable or even natural…and they charge you for any subsequent glasses which drives up the price of your lunch quite significantly. So bear that in mind if you’re thinking of investing in lunch here.

La Dominga