I want to go to t’bed with you

Below is more or less a conversation which took place in Bakırköy (a western suburb of Istanbul) in 1997, the first year of my international career. Names have been changed

Her: I want to go to t’bed with you!

Me: really?….

Her: I know it sounds crazy and dangerous but I want to go to t’bed with you!

Me: Well, I wouldn’t say crazy or dangerous to be honest….

Her: I know it sounds crazy and dangerous, but I want to go to t’bed with you and Danny!

Me: oh…I’m quite open minded but I;m not sure how up for that I’d be….

Her: I know it sounds crazy and dangerous but I want to go to t’bed with you and Danny….and meet the Dalai Lama

Me: ah….you want to go to Tibet

A disappointing climax to that conversation.

I really thought she was developing a North Notts accent.

22 years later, I find myself hungry and am told about a fantastic Nepalese (yes, I know Tibet and Nepal are different places…but they are next to each other, like England and France, or Sweden and Norway) so decide to go all the way out into the Eastside of metropolitan Madrid to ch-check it out y’all (and you don’t stop!)


Tube to El Carmen, the stop after Ventas, green line (5)


spacious, nice enough place. very friendly staff. Male waiter had a very upright hat that I imagine is all the rage in Nanga Parbat. His soft looking shoes seemed to be tap shoes as he clip clopped from table to table. Tho not a tap dancer per se or even at all, the sound of tap shoes makes me think of Roy Castle and thus my father. My father wasn’t Roy Castle but my dad was a big fan of his as he played nightclubs in east Africa quite regularly in the 50s and 60s.

We (that’s the royal we…my stomach and I) ordered the Momo to start, as I had read this was a must try Nepalese dish. Basically vapour cooked dim sun filled with spicy minced chicken. They were very delicious. came with a dipping sauce which I didn’t try as I had forgotten to mention my nut allergy and it looked like the kind of sauce that might hide evil within it.


The local native, who recommended this restaurant to me, suggested the lamb “sizzler” which was marinaded cubes of lamb cooked in the tandoori oven and known in this part of eastern Madrid as “Pahadi Khasi”..I was hoping it would be more Pahadi and less Khasi. I was also told the naan bread was the best in Madrid.


quality of the lamb was much better than you usually get in Indian restaurants in the centre of Madrid.

3,50euro for a large jara of mahou, pretty standard. 2 each that makes….let say….7euro? Starter of 6 momo for two people, the lamb sizzler, naan, rogan josh and plain rice, 4 large beers for 2 people, 25euro each more or less….oh and don’t worry, a free popadom each at the get go.

I’d give a double thumbs up if it were a bit nearer to civilisation.

Restaurante Himalayan Tandoori, Calle Raquel Meller, 7, 28027 Madrid