High end cooking

Short post just so you know who you’re dealing with

That’s my take on lamb kofte with bulgur

Hard to find minced lamb in Iberia. Butchers aren’t keen on cutting the meat off a leg and mincing it. Even the halal butchers in my ‘hood. But I got some last week. Shredded red onion, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, bit of shredded thumb and blood. Cooked old skool on the plancha. Meanwhile finely chopped onion, pepper, tin of chickpeas, chopped tomato, chopped aubergine, chili, stock, bulgur (thick bulgur Turkish style not tiny bulgur North African style)

When both cooked… Fashioned the bulgur into a heart shape using a wee metal shape.. Put in top of kofte.. Added a bit of yoghurt and a torn slice of mint. Job done

I am a cooking rock star innit