Been a while. You haven’t changed a bit.

Even before the pandemic and the lockdown started and ended I’d kind of pretty much stopped going out to eat. Only ever go to Badila, which you can read about in an earlier post. It’s still there and it survived the lockdown, ate there yesterday in fact. As good as ever though, understandably the price gone up a bit. Still more than worth it tho.

My meal last week…

Pasta with a shellfish sauce

beef meatballs in a white wine and saffron sauce. chips, bottle of wine, casera


I should really have created more cooking content but lockdown was crazy for me work wise, never worked so hard in my life and didnt do much cooking even though I was in the house 24 hours a day. I kind of used my slow cooker most days in the first few months of lock down…onions and veggies, garlic and ginger, tomatoes, honey, sliced chicken breast, can of beer and turn on in the morning before I started working, then added some dried noodles into the pot, ate that then back to work for a few hours.

I certainly cant complain about the pandemic, as well as everybody I give two hoots about, I’ve been spared ill-health, death, kept my job and (more importantly) my salary still appears intact in my bank account every month, I even managed to go on holiday (very good timing…middle of July, numbers in Spain had gone down so much we were allowed out and were allowed into Greece, so I went to the Island of Milos. No brits allowed in. Pool in the villa to myself. Lovely)

Not that you care.

So what am I going to tell you? hmmm….ok, easiest dish you could possibly make that isn’t spaghetti with oil and garlic and Parmesano….the classic Balcalhao con Natas.

I say a classic but it wasnt actually invented until the 1930s. Thus I feel you can do whatever you like with it. It’s not old enough to be a sacred cow. I made last week using hake/merluza, although truth be told not a huge difference between hake and cod. Unless that sound ignorant and Speciesist

What I’m going to drop on you is fairly “traditional”

cut, say, three potatoes into smallish cubes. up to you if you want to peel the skin off or not. fry in some olive oil until slightly browned. stick in a receptacle with a strainer. in same pan add some sliced onions, some garlic. While onion is cooking in another pan bring some milk to the boil with some bay leaves, a star anis…turn the heat off or very low…add in your fish and leave for a few minutes. using the strainer, when the onion has softened and about to brown, add in the fish and stir in…do the same with the cubed potatoes, stiring it all in together well. add chopped parsley. pour in the milk and stir well and cook out the milk until you have a thickish sauce. you can add some flour here if necessary. now pour all that into a baking pan. put some breadcrumbs or panic on top and if you feel like it some grated cheese. no rules during a pandemic. bung in the oven for about 25- 30 minutes until the top is browned.

There it is done.

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