Bacalhau à Braga

bacalhau à braga (1 of 4)Strictly speaking this should have it’s own name because it’s not exactly exactly Bacalhau à Braga, but I figured the Portuguese wouldn’t thank me for yet another saltcod dish in the lexicon…and it’s close enough. It’s also very easy and not labour intensive at all

There’s 3 stages to the dish. Sauce/Spuds/Fish. The sauce is the one you’ll want to start first.

Slice 3 onions and bung in pot with plenty of olive oil. Salt. A sliced red pepper, a sliced green pepper. Lid on and cook slowly until the onions and peppers are soft. A couple of teeth of garlic. A bay leaf or two.A dash of white wine or cider vinegar. I put some honey in there too. I also added some fresh oregano from my garden (well, balcony) and a dash of piripiri. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, or chop a mature tomato or two. Cook down a bit and then cover and leave with lid on.

Slice some spuds. Stick them in abundant vegetable oil on a medium heat. When the spuds are soft in middle, turn up the heat.

Boil some water in pan. Take off the heat and put your bacalhau loins in the water for a bit. Dry the cod with kitchen paper. Salt & pepper. Fry the fish in olive oil with a bay leave and some garlic.

bacalhau à braga (2 of 4)Serve. Sauce over the fish

bacalhau à braga (4 of 4)Job done! é do caralho

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